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Hash Plant 101. Als Nachfahre der legendären, für die Haschischproduktion genutzten Sorten aus dem Hindukusch war die Hash Plant von Sensi Seeds schon einige Zeit in unseren Labors perfektioniert worden, bevor diese Sorte das Licht des Tages erblickte. Plant of Life CBD Jelly Hash 22% CBD | Donaulife CBD Hash von Plant of Life EU-Cannabissorte CBD HASH 1G Verwertung untersagt Nicht zur Einnahme empfohlen unter 0,2% THC – CBDA 22% CBD Hash Plant (Seedsman) :: Cannabis Strain Info Seedsmans CBD Hash Plant Description. CBD Hash Plant is a medicinal stain that is almost completely indica. It was bred in conjunction with CBD Crew and has a THC:CBDV ratio of 1:1 at 6% of each of these cannabinoids.

23 Dec 2019 While CBD is a new ingredient to many consumers, hempseed oil has to as marijuana) and hemp are two varieties of the same plant species, 

Hash Plant is a greenhouse-grown indica with a spicy-sharp bite of smouldering trichomes. This strain has very strong THC potency, and its terpenes include caryophyllene, myrcene, guaiol and bisabolol. It’s available as dried flower in 1 g and 3.5 g weights, or in pre-roll format. Northern Hash Plant Cannabis Strain Information / CannaSOS Northern Hash Plant is an indica-dominant hybrid bred by The Seed Bank. This is a popular indica also known as Northern Lights #1. The plant is stocky, short and the leaves are broad, dark green with a leather texture. The taste is sweet, earthy, woody and some spice. The buds are bright green, long, spade shaped and fluffy.

17 Jul 2019 Collected and consumed for centuries, hash is a type of extremely potent cannabis concentrate that can be smoked, vaped, or eaten in edibles.

12 Jun 2019 Buy CBD hemp weed flowers,full spectrum cannabis oil, CBD hash, where settlers began growing the hemp plant for its unusually strong  19 Jun 2018 The two main active substances in cannabis plants are cannabidiol, or CBD, and delta-9 tetrahydrocannabinol, or THC. Oil extracted from  CBD Hash Plant combines the renowned fruity taste of the almost pure indica Hash Plant genetics with the therapeutic CBD enrichment of CBD Crew's parent  Reserve. $50 / 3.5g. Red Headed Stranger. Sativa. THC: 19.55. CBD: 0.00 Hash. Banana Punch #6. Hybrid. THC: 60.95. CBD: 0.36. Reserve. $55 / 1g. CBD Pollen (Hash: Solid & Jelly) als Solids & Jelly, höchste CBD Hash (Solid & Jelly) Hier findest Du weiterverarbeitete CBD Blüten: CBD Hasch, als Solid und als Jelly von Plant of Life. CBD Jelly ist die stärkste Form von CBD Hash. Ein Jelly besteht aus zwei Teilen Bubble Hasch und einem Teil BHO (Butan Honey Oil – oder anders gesagt: Haschöl). Die normalen CBD Solids haben einen CBD Gehalt von 10%, die CBD Jelly von 22%. Regelmäßige Laboranalysen garantieren die gleichbleibend hohe Qualität. Hash Plant - 10 Samen | Hanfsamen diskret bestellen

There are many CBD hash product sold in UK market legally, and some of them are Mango Kush Jelly Hash – 22% CBD, Amnesia Jelly Hash – 22% CBD, Nepal Cream – 22% CBD and KannaSwiss CBD Hash (10%CBD). This shows that CBD hash is 100% allowed in the UK.

! AFGHAN HASH PLANT - REGULAR™ | BARNEYS FARM® Cannabis Samen AFGHAN HASH PLANT - REGULAR™ Cannabis Samen, BARNEYS FARM® PreistrAgerin für den Anbau von feminisierten, selbstblühenden, regulAren und CBD-reichen Hanfsamen. Cannabidiol - Wikipedia